You spend your time looking to provoke a coke-

headed reaction of life in consumerist form.

It becomes almost a profession: a twenty-year obsession.

The kind of thing you really should give up; the kind of thing you 

really should stop now.

And – wow! – how you’d feel, if only you could forget;

if only you could set the bar at the height of a pretty good right, 

not a goddamn half and a wrong.

But no; it’s quite beyond you: it’s really quite beyond you:

you can’t let him go; you just can’t let him be.

And so you do think by piling pressure on again,

the man who expected nothing will be made the man 

who fears the loss 

of everything you recently granted him; will now fear the cost

of slowly being taken away from a slyly tinkered hope you cleverly embedded in his soul.

(At least for that while … at least for a tad!)

But nope! 

You are truly wrong!  The man who expected nothing all his bloody shitty

life, and then was slowly led to water of great expectation,

has carefully kept in his treasure chest of bold

the knowledge that in the end his life always will be unsold.

So never forget this: always recall. 

There is no pressure you can legally apply

which will now make him fall.

Until you say why, there will be zero collaboration.

Until you say hi and OK, nothing will serve to

make that change you


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