So I’ve given up [to fight ANEW]

I’ve given up, on hoping one

Day, by crude example,

I might sample heaven on earth:

A place where all men and corporate women

Could come together and be (as won).

In truth the fight is well-long lost:

This is the case of that war which chooses you

The e-corps who battle

Behind so many seens and make of life

A desultory game: “We go and deliver whatever you


(But never what society needs).”

And so this war of (Input-

Output) [t]error, waged by souls too

Clever to care about broken limbs and

Bloodied minds and the signs 

Of poverty which their supply lines do

Bring, is finally one I will join, and scribe in.

And just so yous know where I stand … 

… the gesture I have consummated 

This day of Monday morn

Is to leave the corrupted political church,

Which has lurched and stumbled like blinded man and

Woman, for far 

Too many driven

Years, and unheard

Deaths and violent hurts, as 

Equal I goodbye to hope through that and this and biz and 

Corps, and a once poss grand, once 

Fab integrating in any family

Of humanity been and done, and done out there 

Precisely to be one.

And on my part for now, a silly, foolish, tiny 

Thing; a small 

Enough gesture; a goodbye to points, and stupid 



For my golden-striped card now lies 

Hidden deep deep down

At bottom of crowing muncipal


And the wily sly corrupting of civilisation’s glory 

Will no longer be ignored by me; will no

Longer be covered up 

By red-carpeted ring and


No longer will linger on the tip of my tongue;

Will no longer remain unspoken from the

Ledge of 



I am only now 


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