The eyes that turn away from the crimes yous refuse to pay (or [how] the best way to forget is to remember)

Replacing your memories is the way to

forget: long or damn

short; from 

taught lands or [richly]

located tort; from

bought lands

or sold, as old as the

hills of your cheating bodies, when yous claimed to

pleasure truth and leisure 


And so the best way to forget is to remember

with others: with new peeps, to replace 

evil lovers and those who pretended 


to be on the tip of

our tongues, 

and be so, 

and how, and sucking

so low and fucking so why, and the mad mad 

mad mad mad hope of 

the high

of actually being loved by someone really 

true to you: someone 

who loved you for what you were, not 

cruelly for what you could do



And I am done with your games, T, K and C.

I am done with the falsity of fear.

I will now proudly 

plough, and 

furrow my brow too: yous knew and feared and 

deared so falsely, 

precisely because in that deep down place 

I was more sincere

and frank 

and better than ever 

I suspected I might be



And that’s what yous feared the very most of all: that I’d 

discover my me

before properly yous could bre[a]k[e] the 

me I was becoming so 


So this journey does embark exactly where 

foolish yous cacked up the end and the

start: a man like myself who once needed your sex,

even the sad sex yous offered me

those times in your pleasant and chronologically 

connected dens 

of Belfast and 

Dublin, both: 

so woefully conditioned; 

so remunerated that badly;

so the sex for a man who became harlot for

six days, 

in those any ways you actually 

refused [to care for] 

the be


was me; and who now no longer needs

any of yous three at all: your 

memories, my


fading well into my

passed; my past well passed and gone; nowt

wrong any 

longer – just the best of the 

rest of the life I now have:

and the wife I might 


one day, for that 


And so clever you’ve all been, 

T, K and violent 

C: so clever you’ve been and 

so inevitably you’ve made me see the whites

of your such casually and lightened lives: the

eyes that turn away

from the crimes yous refuse to pay.

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