Circle of trust / I’ve changed / You never did

A circle of trust is more than a circle of friends,

or even family rank from battling repeatedly 

over this or that memory;

over that or this 


A circle of trust is rather much

more than having a group of random

people who’ve been espiando you for so long, and

sneakily have got your mark 

and creepily acquire a head start on everything 

you’d be or might 


And so my circle of trust does begin to

build itself well, and in

those people who have shown me their 

love of my mind: not fearing what one day 

it jolly might say,

and then vigorously attempting to 

stop it from may, but instead quite another  

instinct, and quite other be; instead a grand 


riding embrace of who and what I can become.

And yous failed in your attempt to pull me 

onside, and the goal you were scoring

became awful offside.

And in attempting to honeypot my life and my do

it ain’t myself who has shot you, you messenger 


but the cowardly people you limit yourself 

to do no more than represent; for

by choosing to use the sex of your body

you have utterly informed me how shallow you saw me.

And so respect you required between us 

and more –

between your wider 

masters fine – no longer can lie:

only words and half-truths 

exist any more.

Too painful your games; too cruel your 

trajectory; too bad you 

chose body 



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