“… t[aching] sides against the CAN SIRS (and MADAMS) …”

Aching it does me to give up on peace,

but peace was ne’er 

option for those 

who make love leave 

with the weapons of

war: the claw and the shield of


up violences; the hiding of truth wielded gravely 

by foes who

claimed to be everything and were finally – for 

you! – absolutely no goddamn thing 

at all.

And when you live in a world where 

peaceable actions and equitable decisions 

depend on identifying 

a friend by 

evaluating to what extent 

they are your 


enema, then your society and your family 

and your circle of 

friends is

fucked and 

sucked and 


and your civilisation 

has ducked the only job it had: 

learn that 

knowing how to always

stop corruption 

from that weeding in and out

of erupting 




madams: those 

wealthy white women

and men of ungraceful comportment,

and disgraceful compartment,

and boardroomed gold 

and oval sellout 

and evil bell-

end too: and it tolls 

for thee!  Or didn’t you see?

Don’t you know?

Can’t you accept the 





Won’t you just give in to our brute force 

quite collective?

Isn’t it just easier to give up the light 

that you prize, 

and the fight, 

and the height of the ground which

is morally 


(Even as the ever so oral cruelty of a

soundless punish-


renders humanity incapable

of the 

flight we deserve …)

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