Politics (II): “Family [be]ratings!”

When people investigate you and

[be]rate you according to 

what your family do, and never ever ever ask for clarification, 

ever, and then conclude you

are what family does and did,

it doesn’t half place you on a multitude of 

watchlists from both sides: watchlists 

idiotic: a tick-tocking clock and race 

to the lowest uncommon-


denominator of 

all too 

common denial.

So reply me this, then, if you

can: where is my freedom to ever be found

when all you choose to do to humanity 

is imprison us in sounds not of our making but – rather – of your

sheer invention: and imprison 

me for sure, on the shires and shores of  

criminal departure,

via your cruel prejudgments of legal dance and

wicked trance?

And do remember this: please do 

recall it wise: I am neither too close to one side nor

the other: I am academic by nature, and truth is

my lover.

Don’t frame me as this, nor frame me as 

that, even when easily 

visible the mostest there is 

to those clever 

twats who thought they knew


and never forget nine-

tenths is always 

hidden from the sight 

you do claim – so 

wittily –

to unite exclusively, 

as you roughen up the path 

of happily ever after: that citizen


which once might have 

saved us tall

from that fall 

which now awaits 

the all we’ve become.

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