They never leave a soldier behind … so why do we?

The starting point of the Reimagine the Veteran project dates back to 2008 where an investigation by the National Association of Probation Officers revealed that 20,000 of the country’s service personnel were in prison.

On the field of battle, they never 

must leave a soldier 

behind the


So why do we find it an 

easy enough 

chore, in fact little more than practically a 

task, to 

leave a veteran way

behind the 

behind of our goddamn societal


Why do so many return 

to a hero’s welcome of strikes and hits: and,

so often, in their after-


to a poverty-stricken life of stats?

The poverty of 

publicly staged 


that shudders the 

very rock they 

fight, and fought and rote and right to defend

in all contractual responsibility.

Tell me why, 

if you can.

Tell me 

why – even 

if you shouldn’t.

Tell me why – in 

truth, because you must.

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