The [sp]eyes within the love[r]

It’s an old old game, the game she 

played: out of attachment to

a state and sense of duty one presumes,

or maybe mercy-

[ordi]nary moti-

v[ex]ations performed a much greater

roll, as he rocked the boat

in radically unpredictable ways,

and the terror of his growing credibility 

meant that wild lover of cousinly nature

was required to make a final sacrifice:

make him think she had fallen in love

with him, when in truth she was acting 

on instructions from

above: “Roll over, think of England –

and brake him!” 

For the best spies are always 

the cheaters, running fast and cool within an

embrace of love[r], needed in most desperate 


meant[s] quite sincerely: and so that’s 

all he meant 

for her: a job to

be done

and won

and sung, 

and finally strung up as

traditional hang, draw and quarter

maintained her beloved

national in-



Those bastards of reality: 

even she …

… even she!

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