On your having gone and tried [far too hard]

People who don’t trust others

Don’t trust anyone at all:

Don’t manage to trust 

Even, or odd,


[Owned and quite 



Selves: don’t even trust

Their ability to convince around 

Arguments proper


And devised, with those doses of real

Intelligence wise.

So they send out their

Lovers, who goddamn really 

Aren’t, to

Confuse via banal 

Emotion clumsily expressed: 

And then end up

Messing up every little

Thing, gone and

Aimed at, in their

Mentality of doffed cap: and 

So like 

Crosshairs smashed by 

Angry fist, they 

Engineer only an 

Absolute opposite to this 

Goal they

Once wished: the goal they did desire 

To score above, and true


A tour of foolishness 

Is all they 


Age instead: the lessons of

Century lost 

To their rank[ed] inefficiencies:

That skirting about those 

Modern pluralities 

With the gentility 

Of ultimate privilege: 

The privilege of those who 

Believe freedom divisible,

And quite 

Tightly deductible to only those beings

Who access the 

Wealth that proffers the 

Health of the 

Cunning but not


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