Freed{[h]om[me]} to th(ink)

So at last I have found my place and setting, 

and place-setting, and relationships and mentors, and those people who’re my real betters.

I have developed the skill to assess with responsibility who is

right for me and who, in equal measure, is utterly wrong: utterly as in uttering, and sputtering, and spitting; 

utterly as in prick on high; utterly as in dick writ large; utterly as in sick quite wicked: 

wicked as in evil not cool, my friends.

Never cool at all.

And the life I had lived between two pitiful stools, both shit-ridden and three-legged –

as words do bear my 

witness so clear and bright and light in their

late ascent –

is now, complete, come to an end: for finally do I take sides in this war; this war for ideas; this war of people thinking.

So in your hands you hold, finally quite bold, this ultimate declaration of principle: 

always in peace, always reserved, always booking flight on planes of fabulously evidenced 


But never easily bought nor ever freely sold; never left that cold to the suffering of 

that poor.

Never living a life without questioning life.

For these are my principles, and this path now my fight: the wonder of seeing and thinking the unthinkable 

now quite my ontological position – in (weird)

order (maybe) that, one 

day, we do manage to invent 

the unthought!

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