My school of [LORE] #LJMU #FACT(s)

In my school of law I find

compassion and a real affection for the

students we are: for the students and pupils 

and watching iris we all constitute, and 

retribute and challenge, and

respond to in joy and – sometimes –


It sounds small, and all told

it may be that

so, but even

so, for me, at this time in my life,

I have never felt safer nor

more valued nor 

listened to, nor

heard, nor – simply –  worded accurately and 

finely and rightly and betwixtedly,

and with the justice we seek

and in whose 


we turn meek.

For my school of law is much 

more than a code: deciphered

by real human 

beings and seeings and doings and lived 


on all sides and no sides,

and sides just disappear from judgmental 


and reappear as

encounters between true.

For my school of law is not just

a law: my school of 

law is also a school of fab

lore: a place where stories unspool so safely 

in the security of a real humanity:

a place where – for the first time in my 

whole goddamn life – I am

judged exactly, as we should and might 

and must, but never 

condemned to a death sentence, no sir; never

condamned to a life

sentence of 


Brought as one and all, the world inside

and the world outwith do blur the

others we see and then embrace: and so we


as that all and one: and that is the wonder of

#LJMU #law.

And I tell myself and I swear to myself: “Never 

again shall

the state 

interrogate me 

at 4 in the morning,

and put me away in secure facility 

because I am unable to evidence my

whys and my

wise, and my

perceptions and wroughts. 

That is why my lore is now become law.

That is why my sex is now thought.

And that is why my life is now anything

but the 

sold and bought

of criminal ought

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