#bold #blue #red [as read]

There’s a place on this rock

where they take it as read:

you’re im-

perfect and un-

sound, and in

your unsound 

you’re actually damn 


And about 

and around this 

city of #bold 

and #blue

and #red, they take it

as blue that 

you will


be bluer than life has

ever led anyone

to be and see, 

and sigh and why,

and whirr 

pretty handsome head, 

and maybe even

disconsider the

bed you once thought

to share, warily,

as if trying out


and so this 

#bold and

#blur and 

#roar is just this

being and this feeling 

and that learning and

forgetting and 

unremitting lives, 

and riven nights 

and hidden mights 

and stuff you 

could once

have achieved …

And in this city 

of #blue

and #red so 

#bold, do

recall and make 

a space 

and rhyme 

for the love 

you get shown:

where you


walk unknown.

Never a single

soldier ignored 

by this city; 

never a single 


lost to the banter

witty of 

those who

cannot touch the


of cold because

they only 

ever have seen

the streets 

of gold.

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