Make me [an example] / Re[place] me, if you can

So there was this doctor, and

she spent her days, saving people’s lives

and re[placing] their pain with

the goodness that

rained down from foothills high and

summits rather low:

“Go and heal thy selves,” she’d say, “for

good comes out of help that 

helps itself.”

She had no reason to tie us down: to make us

frown and guilt-trip round,

or shrug and give up hope.

She knew her job – her sacred role (oh, how she 

rolled and rocked!) – was

to patiently teach her

patients so that Patience (her name!)

was the tool we’d use to 

thrive and 

live and give and share, not just 

survive and take, and make

do like poorly kept-up zoo, where the 

watchers also watched

the watched, and grew 

so overly convinced of their righteous 

placing: the position of surly sexual 

fuck: and then those

men who ducked their duty to society

by doing wrong and foolish getting

caught, where really – to remain a necessary 

squeaky clean – they

ought not to admit to crime at all, not one

goddamn tiny little bit.

And that’s when it became clear to me, it became

clear, this shit:

a doctor is there exactly to keep you 

out of dreaded

hospitalisation; and

a dentist is there to protect your 

jaw and your heart, and

your toothy grin,

from the doing-in of awful

decay; and the 

nurse is there to 

nurse you 

well; and the teacher to

make you a free spirit who can tell

for yourself the 

difference between

fight and 

kill: on the one hand, the desire to kill

all truth; on the other, the wiry tireless 

resilience to fight: to fight to

the end: to fight to the

moment you can see

what it’s like to taste 



And it’s only in the system we call

Criminal Justice that

the main goal and focus of everything 

they do is to make you more likely to stick around and

die: to re[place] the person you once 

could have been with the

person you never 

wanted to become.

Just think that one through: just think that,

one minute: a doctor wants to make you

better; a dentist to bring back your smile; a nurse to see

you climb that road to wondrous joyful battling

whiles; and a teacher to leave their words in your

life so that one day your own words

will mirror, like love, the grand exploration

and experience of learning beyond the stars of

youthful done …

… but find yourself in touch with officers 

multiple, and few if any will want to ever see 

the back of you; except to fuck 

you one more

time: to fuck you hard and fast and tough:

to fuck you rough and cruel, 

unjust …

… to put you firmly back into  systems

which consume and rip and rap the brains

of so many good and so many would and so many

might have, if given the


And ask yourself this: please, don’t desist:

if a doctor and a dentist and a nurse and a teacher

can all work hard to let you go,

why can’t a police officer or barrister or 

beak see their main aim

to set you goddamn 

bloody free?

Why must they use the pain of violence to

teach us to not do the 

pain of violence – in that life

we only have

one of, and only have

some of, and only have the

run of for 

never infinite time?

So tell me, dear officer: tell me this, will you?  Tell me,

good Criminal Justice soul: when will you 

succeed at your particular lesson

by committing – against us! – the crimes 

you make illegal in order to

convince us of

the path we must take?

Why do you think you can teach by example,

when the example

you give us makes an example 

of …

… us …

… all?

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