On “the superiority of ideas over the physical senses”

In David Payne’s article “Autobiology”, included by Ellis & Bochner in their “Composing Ethnography”, he quotes Hèléne Cixous:

[She] notes Freud’s contention that the birth of patriarchy represents a moment that established the superiority of ideas over the physical senses, and that this epistemological “victory” signifies a “step forward in culture,” a “declaration in favor of the thought-process” (1986, 100).

There may be truth or not in these conclusions (though I have to say my immediate impulse is to shrink entirely from their 21st century implications), but what such positions have clearly led some academia and many criminological disciplines to deliver is a discourse which avoids communicating the feelings of how life is lived.

Wouldn’t it be good if we could deliver an analysed experience of pain and its tools?  An academic analysis which allowed us to analyse through our senses …

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