For —: “… a hierarchy, not just a patriarchy …”

When your senses over-

Power your ideas, you touch the

Wilder side of humanity: not

Wild as in her or him, but

Wild as in —,

Or not: a blot or a knit or a tick

On the tapestry that

Weaves in and out 

Between the legs which grasp and cling

At night, in that

Fight to forget the end will always


And some do sincerely be-

Leave the senses be-

Hined, and

Fined and

Wined and

Whined and

Dined, and then but only then

Resigned to deathly 


And the curious thing of this academic

Whirled I find myself almost

Enjoying as se-

X is that whilst I use words to de-

Claim remaining fears,

I use them to foreground the background

Of tears: the tears that once

Resisted their 

Existence in me and now pro-

Claim the desire for just 

Wider ice.

So be cool;

Keep cool;

Remember your

Tender side: recall 

Not the people who wanted you to seem a fool

But, rather, those 

Who do 

Truly love

The person you truly



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