On smashing the social seances

Academia washes its hands, as 

a general rule, of being the

tool of change: preferring to

remain the tool of

maintaining a cautious observa-

Tory on deathly

life issues 

that freight all these lovely real people

like rotted fruit on distant 

dock to distant promise,

unkempt and forever unkept,

and which – before and 

after such tainting – must only

examine like

falsely constructed 11-[non]plus[sed]; like

hegemonic and 


broadcast A[u]nti[e]-

social[led] engineering.

In tr[u]th, the crystal ball of voyeuristic

aca[pan]demic never shot a single


up which truly broke the hard and fast

rule of all care-

less watchers, that 


above all, ensure you get it right.

But God forbid you should

make it right …

… time, then, I do kinda figure 
now, to turn

this social seance of unspoken agreement,

and terrible cruel 


into the kind of science that

smashes the bloody social!

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