[(l{ove)r}] (II) (heaven)

There was a time not long ago

When long-ago time seemed 

Close to both his heart 

And his art.

That time is long spent: now he

Plans a revenge, not

Caring that revenge damages most

Painful the vengeful.

And he knows he is ready 

For such vengeful revenge, for the

Coldness overtakes him where

Love suffused it all.  And it curiously

Doesn’t suffuse him so others 

Can easily tell how cold he

Now easily is 

Gone and become: 

Instead, he just

Smiles and

Makes jibing comments and compliments,

Which fake his real feelings

And fake his reality,

And complement the accessories of

Others’ bare-lived lives, and 

Their strivings and naked

Attempts at such weary thriving.

And this is what he has decided:

And this is what you have driven him to:

And this is what you have made him do:

“Rest I shall never until the full story is told,

And the full illness revealed,

And the full conspiracy unveiled,

And the full deceptions uncovered.”

And this, precisely this, is where you have led him.

And this, precisely this, now is his lover’s heaven.

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