The power of [academic] tech

In my beautiful beautiful world of academia, I am beginning to work out how to make tech work in my favour.

I was introduced to Zotero the other day by a good US friend from way back; today, I had the ins and outs of Endnote X7 explained to me by an LJMU library staff member called Rob: his overview was class, really class; and I have provided him with the relevant feedback too.  He deserves it.

As a result, I have already created my first library of citations and content, and begun a group for the new module on “Crime, Power and Victimisation” which my dissertation supervisor will be co-delivering with a colleague.

This module already has plenty of deep, well-developed reading attached to it.

As a result, I am in a kind of seventh heaven for the first persistent time in my life, as I stumble across ways of using software to simplify the logistics of remembering and organising potential connections, and so allowing me to square my erstwhile wretched circle of wishing to see a clear view of the landscape at the same time as (rightly) needing to have to hand the detail to properly and securely evidence my weird positions.

In fact, I realise I now have my very own Memex machine – even if only in its infancy.

This research life is my vocation.  This truly is.

Stuff love!



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