And that was when it struck her.

It wasn’t that she was lonely at all.  Rather, in her profoundly introverted seeing, she never was finding the needed peace she needed.  

She was never alone, that’s what it was.  She was never alone because she knew the experiment demanded she was always going to be watched.  

From the CCTVs in the streets public and private to the smartphone snapping, the tablet grabbing, the microphone eavesdropping and the zoom lens snitching, she was not even alone in the privacy of her shower.  

For even there they were able to use her wifi cloud to shape her naked body and reconstruct with the corresponding 3D tech the image – as if directly photographed – of every foible and failing she was.

“Wow!” she said to herself.  “Wow!  Wow!  Wow!  I’m not a lonely human being; I don’t need another to be complete; I don’t have to have the cousin I fell in love with long ago; I don’t miss his son – the one who turned my head last summer; none of that is necessary for me.  None of that, at all.

“For all I need to be a happy human being is finally, completely, to know when I’m alone.

“No total surveillance; no old-time panopticons; no wifi machinations; no clever devices which communicate your games.  Yup!” she repeated.  “Yup!  Yup!  Yup!  All I really need for you to do is for you to finally stop.

“No kindly embrace; no loving hug; no sexy bit of rough; no touching up and down; no frown of bewonderment; no fucking me crazy; no ducking me under your smooth gentle arm.

“None of that stuff was what was missing from my life.  

“What was missing from my life was that … yous all weren’t missing!”

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