Remains of the tray #afreshstart

A light sometimes scene, not as oncoming train 

nor a waxing which wanes us moonfully, limitingly, tideways outside and sizeways 

within; but, rather, a moment –

or a man – which will always have hand in our defining redemption, and retrieves

through its example a being like you: of luxurious forget and recall.

And let’s get through such remembering, and such vocation for improving, 

and for loving far better – and far more – a much better rock than our lazy old rolling will 

ever reset or reboot.

And so technology apart, and sock puppetry notwithstanding, and the glorious narrative via your glorious magic you

gloriously went and played out, let us proceed to the final recognition of equality:

the undoubted intelligences which 

undoubtedly exist.

So no need for resistance, nor games any more: no need to step gingerly around the
dancefloor of weirdness.

Just accept what you are, and just accept where you’re best – and just roll with it baby,

to the best of our 

well socked!*

* And that’s cotton I guess, right?

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