Try treasure, not measure [if EVER you knew how to be human]

Non-conformism will change the world if the

world looks to open its mind up

to the upsides of lives it assumed only had


But if non-conformists can 

not even wrest their place and space and good

and due by themselves, without help

from any other,

and what’s considerably worse is when any other such

actively intervenes to prevent such wresting 

from existing at all,

what hope for a planet where everything 

only rocks until it stops to

roll over and be ducked and fucked 

and messed about


in continuing defo bloodied 


For in your conforming and conservative 

weighs, you’ve burdened us

all so small and unambitious.

And the result is quite this: and when I say conservative,

I mean you and you and you and 

you who run your parties 

on the monolithics of gradualism: the insanity 

and corruption of those who

would be corrupted, who happily give way to blithe 


And the sane of us, who you put in your hospitals, so

our voices and choices can

never be made plain, are the resource we’d

all need, if only non-conformism was ever one day

your thing and 

your bling, and

your everyone.

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