On why [NOT] writing politics


Politics, like news and economics, is one of those singular words which looks – to the newcomer and woefully uninitiated – as if it’s a concept of decidedly plural inclinations.

Like modern news and economics both, however, modern politics is anything but.


Politics works.

People are represented.

Needs are fulfilled.

Wants are properly queried.

Education spreads wisdom.

Health is defended.

Wars are avoided.

Love finds its space to spread like … well … everyone’s fave Nutella!

And ordinary people like you and me find the idea of politics a bloody breeze.


Politics not only scams but also embarrasses us into turning off our grey cells faster than a mobile phone that rings during Mass.

Love spreads like a lard on slices of poor man’s bread … stale as a life  without real hugs or embraces.

Wars are conducted.

Health is degraded.

Education spreads despair.

Wants are manipulated.

Needs are ignored.

Only some people are represented.

The people represented are the ones who know the representatives.  

Often the people represented best are the representatives themselves.

And politics does work.

For some, for sure.


Not in the way any sane person’d wish.

The sane people just end up behind the bars of this zoo, looking out at what they might see looking in.

And so the representatives and their five percent (I meant the commissions but could just as easily have stated the constituencies) look that curiously in from afar.

And all this time the representative politics we desire and aspire to disappears in a cloud of mirrored smoke.


If you were a writer who once felt political, what would you NOW choose to write about?  Love in all its many forms – or politics in its global and fiercely repressive singular?

Tell me, where would you find YOUR Nutella?

Where would you prefer to duck?

14 thoughts on “On why [NOT] writing politics

    1. Re Nutella – probably fair. As it’s something I can buy and access and do love, I have used it as a substitute for the love in pure form I now never even hope for. See Nutella as something you would really enjoy – anything I mean. Re your other point: yes, we should all be political but its present singularness within and between countries is so gross I can currently contemplate no course of action and participation which does not imply allowing one’s soul (in Foucault-like terms) to be persistently and consistently abused by its practitioners.

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      1. Foucault like terms? I think Foucault is a pretentious idiot personally but I get the gist of what you’re saying and agree, in its present form nothing is working and is abused, but the answer must to to vote more and more not less, and to do more not less. I would interpret it that way anyway. As for Nutella, I never cared for it, but I see what you mean, a substitute for some sweet feeling I guess. Something that would make you happy.

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      2. Am reading Foucault in my Criminal Justice MA at the mo’ and enjoy his ability to pull together ideas from different areas and histories and spaces of practice and law. He writes well in translation: I can recommend the book: “Discipline & Punish”

        Voting is gamed in the U.K. for sure. I don’t mean hacked into and corrupted as a process on the day, but I do mean in relation to agenda setting in the years between elections. Our media is not plural, and is generally only ever fearless in its pursuit of income to sustain its bankrupt business model. There are a few exceptions, but very very few. I still vote on most occasions but I far prefer to write poetry. It has the same impact on others, but at least I feel I am leaving something behind me I can point to. All I can point to when I vote is the dust rising from the heels of the MPs who do their very best to maximise the personal (their personal) over the political (our political). For the record, I spent eight years blogging imaginatively and creatively about politics and got absolutely nowhere. I don’t intend to spend another eight years getting less where than those dreadful eight. I know I sound bitter, but then am beginning to seriously believe I have every right to be. Horrible people have done horrible things to my life, and I don’t want to give them another opportunity ever.


      3. I read him about 20 years ago, wasn’t impressed then, probably won’t change now. I’m glad you write poetry I agree it has a lot of impact, but there is never an excuse not to vote, never. If we all did that, nothing would ever change. It would be what they want. We must vote even if it’s broken. To stop it staying broken. I can definitely see why blogging about politics would feel like banging your head against a brick wall though – you’re not bitter I think you have a right to those emotions most of us would say the same, at least you tried and cared that’s more than many can say. I also agree that if horrible people have hurt you, then you are WELL SHOT of them my friend – and onto much brighter pastures. Always write your poetry, it is valuable you are so right about that.

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      4. Actually I miss you. We used to talk a lot but then you got on your program (which I’m very glad about btw) and so we talk less. I hope you are okay. I had a bit of a pretentious experience with my MA so that’s why I sometimes still sound bitter (who me?) but I KNOW you will do well on your course (understatement) and I totally add myself to your team and cheerleading squad. I will be the miserable bastard dressed all in black who lays down the boogie 😉

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      5. Am very lucky with my MA cos institution is very good and lecturers even better. I feel like one day I may turn out to be like Don from Mad Men. I mean the weird intelligence who justifies himself at the very last moment, when everything looks like it’s going to collapse.

        I do miss talking to you a lot. I had a really rough time over Xmas in Dublin and in the past week, re my emotional life of course. I realise I don’t have a right to one in truth, but at least via my uni work I can surround myself with top-notch thoughts. It’s very hard, cos I had great hopes of being able to fall profoundly and handsomely in love, but I was treated very unkindly, and didn’t behave well myself, and so the easiest route forwards is to forget I have emotions – except when it comes to the words I string together online. Otherwise, am cool. But what about you? 🙂

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      6. Well I’m here, I figured something had happened by a couple of posts, if you need to talk email me or google hangout me, I’m here and I care. I’m really sorry it was rough I really am, I know how that feels and I would not wish it on anyone. FOCUS on the good things the course you are on, the course it will take you etc, this is all such a positive and you deserve it. People can be such assholes and I despair at the lack of good people out there but they DO exist and you are one of them – hang in there and I’m here if ever you need to vent.. Friends through thick and thin. xo

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      7. If you mean that, then I may take you up in the offer. But only if you mean it; and no pressure *at all* if not something you’re comfortable with. But I need to speak my story to *someone* … weird as hell. You would get a great poem out of it! 🙂

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