On being academically poetic

Bought the soundtrack to “La La Land” this morning.  CD and instant-ish MP3 download.  Really good.  Re-listening to now. 

Meanwhile, did some poetry, and decided I can still write about love even when I am incapable of finding it.  You can’t have everything, and tbh I prefer academia to an embrace which will one day always disappoint.  And in any case, never in my life have I ever experienced an unconditional embrace.  And that’s the truth.  That really is so.

And even if the choices didn’t have to be excluding, I have tried to achieve something in love all my life and failed abysmally; meanwhile, in less than six months in uni I already feel I am reborn.

No woman, ever, has done that for me, though I wished it had been so.  And at two times in my life, I think I even imagined it had happened.  But it was my imagination, not a reality the two women in question actually shared.

And I thought they did.

And I was wrong.  I was awfully wrong.

So here’s to uni and academia and the reading and the righting.

And, of course, to the writing too.

My last and final – now my only – love left.

5 thoughts on “On being academically poetic

      1. Ah…have so many which come to mind. Watched them every Sunday. Sung them for plays and shows in my school years too. My all time favorite of all…Gigi. Timeless…

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