Before [it’s time]

Giving up on love is

Not uncommon but it  

Is unpopular.

I am unpopular with the

Opposite sex, even as the 

Opposite sex has never

Been for me the

Opposite it claimed

To be.

I don’t understand – 

Never have – why 

I am unsuccessful 

In love.

But even as it makes me

Weep – and I assure you

The tears do flow 

Like floods celestial, right

Now – I am prepared to

Die this death, 

Before my time: to live

Unpopularly – but 

No longer 

Preposterously – without

That treasurable factor 

Which makes the world of

So many 

Lucky peeps 

Peep mischievously 

Onto gardens of real life.

Life quite beyond

Me now: too clever by

Half as I was; too alive 

Not to feel; too 

Young to

Properly de-


On dying before it’s

Time: my achieve-


Never intended, nor 


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