On “La La Land” :-)

About to see “La La Land”; hope I don’t end up in lala-land.

Been a funny day.  Realised how much I enjoy Foucault, after kinda resisting for a semester.

But have also learned today that work can substitute play, and if life simply doesn’t send play your way, and yet you’re lucky enough to have the work you begin to love, then the play of love becomes kinda unnecessary even where the pain of its absences will remain a constant.

So my writing today has tracked that realisation, and even as I have committed the cardinal sin of old fool, hell-bent on recovering a youth he never had, there is still time to one day rack up the credit which life requires of everyone who looks to pursue and maintain their dignity, at least in trivial way.

Not one of my strengths of late, but Beccaria did say it well (stumbled across via Foucault in “Discipline & Punish”):

“It is not only in the fine arts that one must follow nature faithfully; political institutions, at least those that display wisdom and permanence, are founded on nature.”

Whether such nature inevitably reverts to the banality of my recent life, and perhaps the banality of others around me too, is difficult to say – but not to propose, for sure.

In any case, there it stands.  An old fool, made deliberately to look foolish.  And that is just about the size of it.  And that is just about the truth as I have realised.

But not quite.

The biggest truth of all is I had plenty of opportunities to choose wisdom.  And yet I didn’t.  So although the deliberations were cruel in their intention, my response was equally inept in both its culture and its focus.

Hey-ho, as not the first man thus observed when suddenly understanding similar predicament. 

Hey-ho … indeed.

Hey-ho … and over and out.

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