Lala-land (not)

Yep.  A great musical, and it didn’t do me in.

I am now easy and ready for the rest of my life.  Hopefully, one of utility as the academic I never was.  And if for some unforeseen circumstances this were not to be the case either, then I am now ready and able to deal with that too.

Play is overrated.  And you only overrate it when you don’t share it wisely, when you don’t share it at all; when it doesn’t exist in any shape or from; when life chooses not to allow your healthy and humane participation.

Work, meanwhile, allows one to revert all one’s energies into things you actually have a right – and perhaps even an obligation – to negotiate a tad tough: maybe negotiate a tad rough, too.  Though with all the minimum airs and graces.

Personal relationships mustn’t be like that, of course.  That is abusive, and abusive ain’t our thing.

But work is always a negotiable contract, don’t you think?

Work is always negotiable.

So no lala-land for me: tonight or any night, thank you.  And if my uni does want to stick with me, then I with them clearly want to stick in return.

Not the stick of carrot fame, either: rather, a mutually beneficial exchange of real and sincere interests.

That is where I am tonight.  As Foucault should’ve paraphrased in life:

“To infinity and beyond …!”

Or something, at least, along such similar lines.

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