For life

A wild love of truth and life and justice systematic and 

planned and automatic. 

A mad insistence on the ability of people-


a to reconstruct from ashes of 

rash decisions and deliberations dressed up

as benevolences and tendencies utterly dressed and 

drossed and tossed: the change we may construct 

and tuck under our arms but not our

weapons: for our guns are grey cells and 

seeing further and beyond 

the sur-

faces of two and double and trouble me not.

For I know this is for life, and so do you two, 

and three and four and a score 

and twenty and more.

The stakes are so set and prepped and toughed 

out and roughed sketchily and

maybe not Brexitly, and maybe not trumpingly – but

where grey cells ring out cellularly

there is always a hope: and a 

hope based on intelligences is an evidence of

strengths succoured long and hard and good

and, even, Bard-


Remember the giants.

Remember the giants.

Remember the tall.

And never forget 







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