[On {pow!}ers] (cc M, H, E, and maybe C too)

Really positive start to the year.  Gotta tell you about how it’s shaping up.

Doing poetry as always, and photos too (though I need to work out how to take photos off my iPhone to free up space in order to take more photos!).

I am already doing preparatory reading for my MA dissertation, due in at the end of August.  Plus a really cool twist being readied to the proposal.

Love academia.

Love my lecturers.

Love uni.

Love art.

Love LJMU.

Love just being what I am becoming: a searcher after truth – but, this time, with the resources not to crack up as I search.

And that’s the truth …

… and that’s the difference.

Before, I was swimming alone in currents of webbed and ethered pushings and pullings, and of notifications multifarious, multitudinous and deliberately obfuscating.  Now, I am beginning to acquire the backing, the intellectual validation, and the support – in both the public of my life and its intimate – to realise, after all, that I can pursue my interest in truth: an interest which has overarched my entire life, but which has never quite resolved itself in my favour.

An interest which I can now learn to put out there fearlessly – and also fiercely, it is true.  But more importantly, professionally, competently, and academically, too.

An interest, then, which I can now fully embrace in the utter knowledge that I am beginning to acquire the [{pow!}ers] to actually do so.

And in this knowledge, I realise I have come home.

My uni and my lecturers and my brain and my cities: you constitute my real family … my family real

So thank you.

Thank you, so much.

img_5656-2 img_5607 img_5628 img_5651 img_5650 img_5652 img_5501-1 img_5226-4

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