A [prop]er job

Skills almost never meet their

labour-liking match:

snatched from lifetimes 

of hurtful experience

and gain,

and occasionally a rather

fascinating pain,

we are given not what 

we can

but what we must.

And so: if you think

I should work for you,

you have to

clarify sharpish what

“proper” means: either 

those reams and 

teams of dark sadness

and never defined

muchness, or – alternative – 

that simplicity 

of purpose and 

love of country and

person true, too: as

true as yous can manage


And if I am yet to be

surprised by 

realities hidden 


obfuscations ridden 

behind those  


mirrors which reflect 

only my fears and 

not truths you say I’ve 

wrong believed,

let us sit down – she and 

he both – and rewind

the errors and mis-

takes and 

givens, for time there is

plenty – still – to 


pair this serious division.

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