“You’ve changed” / Angel face[-to-face]

I never did, but

you can’t kid me now: 

and how you 


You’ve changed: and

the angel I saw there 

and fell in love with,

and feck did want to caress

and possess and embrace 

and face-to-face so much

and face-to-face so long

and face-to-face so strong

and face-to-face so kind,

is all done and gone,

and utteringly done,

and stutteringly done saying


No words from you now:

just a silence that

says so much more 

than any tour of your

rightful anger: 

your rightful 

disappointment: your 

rightful disillusion:

explicitly X-rayed and

explicitly Z-rayed by expletive

never deleted: that’s not your

way (oh, and thank 

goodness it ain’t!).

So if this is good-

bye for bad

behavings, and the

shavings of a man’s identity

and reality and ecstasy,

and now his weary

failings overcoming all

coming and

going out 

and in and 

sin no longer his

right nor his

fight, then let at least 

the final sigh 

not be silent as the womb

he now must resist and 

kiss farewell to,


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