On hatred #happynewyear2017

For even when you hate people, and this

hate gnaws away at you,

you can choose: and the choice is not

to hate or not, for

that can never be controlled

nor owned: rather, our election

lies – truthfully! – in how

to treat the subject 

of your emotion.

For even the hated deserve

their spaces and rights 

and ways of seeing, and

being and doing.

And now that I accept myself

woefully – and 

wowfully! –

capable of such

emoting, I can take

the next steps which humanity 

should reward and award 

and prize itself well:

to tell to itself the story of

hate as a wisdom and a

protection against further hurt,

in times of unimaginable and


stress: but then equally to

act – out of evidence and 

fact, and with the aim to redress

the sexes of severely unbuttoned –

so that whilst

love will never now replace the manner of 

hating and hurting and painful

shorting, an electricity of

desire finally fused by so many

highered wishes and

lowered actions, at least

hate’s lessons can be properly understood

and comprehended and

generously collaborated with.

Yes: four people – above all people – I will

never be able to stop my hurting being

from hating with all my soul: but

my role from now on is to

manage my reality 

and my actuality

and my love of others who

treasure me as these

four will never treasure me:

for the choice to be is the biggest,

grandest choice we can break:

so even when you hate, don’t break …

… and 

don’t brake …

… and

do make: 

make that choice which 

ennobles the humanity we wish to see; 

make that choice so we see the humanity

we want to be.

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