[B]itch to the [wasteful!] rich 

They itch to condemn a world of

plenty to the poverty of

inhumanity and the

cruelty of the carelessly


You fooled me once; you 

fooled me twice; you

fooled me three times,

and four times


but you fool me no longer:

that you


Bitch to the wasteful

rich: remember this one

thing: the owning of

wealth, when judiciously 

used, brings health

to whole nations, 

peoples and economy.

And without such a

society of the greatest

and the

good, all your fine words

and beauty and blarney

writ grand will only

stand you there fit for itching 

the riching of the land’s 

very worst brands: the

botchers and 

butchers of humanity’s 

worst times.

And remember this too:

the pitchforks are coming:

they’re coming for us

all: but in particular for

those of us who have the

money and means 

to make this still

cool whirled

a tad better place, and yet

instead choose to run,

like you with your 

gorgeous words, your acting

and your fakery, and 

your turns and your eyes 

and your glances

falsely lashed, against the

poor people like me,

unhugged in tirty 

years, who

you just knew would need

love from any

unscrupulous soul.

And if you really want my

pitchfork, then

pitchfork you’ll have: not

of violent old aspect 

but modernly 

meant: I’ll not vanquish 

you easily as you did with

my love, as you did with

your sidewinding and

hidden hatreds of

old, but rather

more convincingly: with the

blood and the passion 

of the 

right and the 


And this humanity of

mine, borne of the

loss you engineer, of 

your utter wholesaled

cheating of my whole

and retailed being, will e’er 

prove itself more


than any of your

mercenary prostitution 

and game:

any of your unprincipled 

body and

hole: unprincipled 

hole I so wished once to

share with the

both of yous, once 

upon a curious


but which now, dear

daughter of ex-lover and  

confidante of 



blown absolutely 

all chance of my desire

to help 


out …

absolutely all 


at all: absolutely no doubt.

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