#Kennedys, Dublin*

You venture in uncertainly

‘cos life has recently

made you uncertain of so many

things, and stuff and

toughs and dones you’ve been, 

and wrongs you

feel you have

committed so had.

But the welcome is gentle, so

Irish and gentle: so honest and


straightforward and sane.

And you suddenly feel back

certain, that unsure of


no longer you.  

And in its place,

a race for feeling the

good you see and

write and photo and know

from so many

good times your Ireland

has shown.

And you start with veg soul,

the soup of the gods:

the bread of sheer

heaven; an Eden on earth.

And hurt though you

are today, little thing can 

now hurt you

any more on this score.

And maybe people still

will attempt to

kick you, and 


your joys for six or more,

and maybe that is true.

But whilst you find

yourself in the

Irish of Kennedys, nothing 

can touch you nor

hurt you 

any when.

* The meal today was vegetable soup, an amazing beer and Guinness pie, a delish Baileys cheesecake, and a grand Irish coffee to finish off.  Just listen to me, OK?  Repeat after me …!


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