For the children yous been … and the love yous inspired

What we said,

we said to please each

other; what we did,

we did in spite

of those 

things we said.

But what we – 

new – do, we 

do for the

children, and 

because the children

love us


spite our [curt-


ained] cruelty: 

unintentioned mostly:

mostly accidental:

occasionally reprehensible:

deserving, for shore

of childhood excursion,

certained sorrow and

(as yet!) unbooked 


And yet, whilst my

smiling cheesed soul

makes you 

gloat at silly


I would run into 

the arms of all of 


out there

who clearly I have



and song-

[g]ed violently,

as tyrant and


reamed dictator of

multiple unheard 


and I would 

beg you fill my

cups and gob-

lets, little mouthings

which once emitted

kisses on 


record, and now

only touch

with vocab the people

I’d wish so wholly

to hug, wildly 

support, and em-


But here this, right


So bold, 

in truth, have I

returned these 

days that

one day 

you may 

find I even ring

yous all, and call my

name out loud

and say how very

proud I was  

to love you so wise,

and so tearful,

and so dearful,

and once upon a 


with rhymes I re-

galed your steamed,



passing: how good it

was there, how good

it was be, how good

it was even when ended …

bad then.

And now 

there are 

that few of yous

I want not to 

talk to,

nor yap nor tick nor

tack out of the life

that will infuse my

soul, and has

made me live grand

as never have I


hand in hand with

any sole.

And if you, happen-

stance, are one

I cannot 

be or see or

say or 

do, nor stand

in any good way at all,

even as I try and why

and wry and

dye on damned feet

in weird attempt to

colour and 

comprehend this

whirled you

made of

me and my back-

footed silences, 


here this now

and loud and clear, 

and here this clear and

here this wow:

I love most people 

true, it’s true, and fine

that is and very 

right: but 

I will not everyone 


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