Read or unread, a trail of thought exists

to be tumbled upon one day

by t[h]irsty passer-by: and maybe he or she

realises no

thing about the wailing that

formed that hailing

of person to person unknown [for how

many of us end up so

totally unknown to each

other’s conscious souls].


And I have spent a life not under-

standing tall the wrongs I have committed

to these ot-

hers: but even more confusing, and even

more confusingly, I have failed where


one else might

flight that skinny sight,

to [com-

{ap}prehend] the wrongs surely done

against the song that made my heart

sing out once with strings of magnificent taught

and tight

and right

and wrought.


And in this fail-

[yo{ur]e} I failed

you: and in this bro’ I failed

yo: and in this sis I failed



And the codes you did send me and

run me and pass me, like bat-

on magma spitting [violent-


ing}, and winding down

and then winding

up, and sighing – those leaves of con-

text that played games with the truths you

needed to seek

in order to hide, like snakes which did climb

the lad-

ders that rung (and so very

many calls left unsaid, and “un-

[d]{h}eeded”, and “un-


facted” at

all, like fearful steps in the darkened hall, 

tramped clumsy and

awkward and

cautious and



occasionally too far,


occasionally bad marred) … and sighing

and singing with voice lost from

40s, and now slowly regaining and re-

bringing and re-

tinking like me-

c[h]{m}anic of the mind,

and the mind that strangely

forms – like mine does do – the ideas

which you twist and shout

out: and then do some

rout: and

the calling of intellect and the hot

breath of




And so in moments of weakness

I give up the fight, and I come to

accept this will be the rest

of my life, and I guess if it’s like that,

that’s how it will be: for the power I would

have to change all the whit[e] height

flies lower than

most kit[e]s,

human and high[ly

thought of].


img_5382 fullsizerender-copy img_4944 radley

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