Allow[ed.] me [to change]

Reposted from a recent FB comment of mine …

Thank yous so much to so many people and institutions and places for making this the best year of my life.  In particular, my sincerest expressions of affection to Claire, Ruth, Tony, Tetiana, Candice, Mike, Helena, Emma, Richard, Orla and Stan, Sheena, Jane, LJMU, LFC, FACT, Liverpool, Dublin, and so very many more my weird memory still is unable to justly and properly capture … yous have – together, tho’ maybe not in an organised way – allowed me to fall in love with life and people again …




The me that is me

is the change that has be-

en, over the weeks and months and al[l]-

most years you have see-

n: and so many of you, and so plenty

of you have witness-

ed. that change and made that

change, and push-

ed. that change and forced that change

until the weighing machine

of balanc[e]-

es ex-

treme do lead me to




le[a]d ways of delish-

us en-


her one by one as I enter

her inner-

most sex and sap and whip

and (old) WAP, and wipe

and type and TAP the rats they

were, as we strove and told each other

love’s tales, and grabbed at my

tail, and all we ever

did was life the other’s wonder-

meant and undone and

buttons spitting like


TED ingenuity: and I loved your

smells, and the telling dinging in my

ears as you informed me

quite seriously how much you

did in fact

love my cock and my tock and my

time and my rhyme and

my line: and it was then I stopped then in

as[and ‘cos and]-

ton[s of]-


ed. be-


meant, for no woman ever had said


which came close to loving me

so …

… as nearly you once

loved me, did.


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