Jane, the Learning Together project, cooperative learning in general – and monkeys

I had a wonderful experience yesterday.

I have been taking part in the Learning Together initiative which – at Liverpool John Moores University, where I am currently studying an MA in Criminal Justice – builds on pioneering work being carried out at Cambridge University by Drs Amy Ludlow and Ruth Armstrong.



Our job, from 3pm onwards, as students from LJMU and highly interested parties from the Criminal Justice system itself, was to be:

[…] delivering presentations which reflect upon an area of criminal justice that they have studied throughout the duration of Learning Together.

I had the really good fortune to be paired up – over the whole learning process – with a wonderful person and prison practitioner called Jane.  She has given so much of her practice and character to me, and with such generosity, that I hope she agrees it is fair to say we have both become firm friends.

The presentations given by all our fellow students were varied, evidenced, and convincing in all cases.

Jane and I decided to do our presentation on how to improve trust in multi-agency work-teams: a particular issue for a field such as Criminal Justice where so many different specialisms need to interface effectively and efficiently, were it ever to become possible one day for truly integrated approaches and pathways to be implemented.



We overran, as is our habit; had to rush a bit; and forgot to deliver the final closing words.  But three music videos we included, and didn’t play, may now serve to give you a flavour of where we are going with our proposals.  See them at the end of this post.

If you’d like to find out more, do get in touch with me in the normal ways.

For Learning Together, and its participants, are the real revolutionaries here … looking, as they – and now we – are, to eliminate processes of othering so destructive to society’s development and construction.



So onwards and upwards, Helena, Lol and LJMU all.

We were all behind you, right from the beginning.  Now it’s our responsibility to get out there, in front.




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