Fudge [of nudge]

They tell you 

you can choose to be 

abused or not; to

be victim or

perpetrator; to hurt

or to 

be hurt, like worsening 

storm of violent


But when nudge takes

no ownership for

its stealthy scholastic


engineering, there 

exists no choice

at all; no voice installed

in the discourses

you once praised me 

for, and now do


And when I say socialistic,

I mean not in  

colour nor claimed

predilection: the stats 

tell the truth better 

than any prejudice 

I sell: the five percent that

rule over the rest,

like cuckoos in nests of

terrible iniquity: 

removing with precision 

of surgical


ed: a firmness full of

hate and wait and

terrifying patience.

And your nudge, whilst

countervailing, is fascism 

also totally complete, and 


like bondaged sexual

proclivity, as roughening 

activity where

the abuse of childhood 

sex is broadly condemned

by every man and


even as the abuse of

entire community is

praised by every

quarter where 

stories are drawn and

hung out to dry by

the media of that

five percent: the 

top five percent 

who rule the

desperate rest-

ed like feather-

nesting criminal 

of divinely 

shaped wealth, and

a relative health, as

rude as the abuse

you call the strength of

grand leader-

ship: the shipping and

shopping of

country, and 


re the matters and waters 

that fill up the sees, and

the we and the

you and the far long gone


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