Wind-up Heinz 

The chronic-

le of a wind-up where

brown and red 

sources mix matches 

of confusion in the

interest of a wider good

over the individual 

I’ve simple-

like turned into

bothers me no longer,

bothers me not a bit:

and the lending and 

the borrowing and the

trashing of feelings

and the breaking up

of family life

and the loss of wife 

and the sad of kids

no longer there

to be loved or hugged 

or made me close at all.

And in their place

this vacuum cleans up the

emotions once 

felt for others around.

And now you are limited

to friends at a distance

who sometimes get close

but never too much.

And so such is the



able taste that’s left 


as you leave a life behind

you now 

with no clear

destination in

sight in any


And even if all are

playing games,

the shame’s you that

you honestly care not 

for any of those who

once claimed to touch

your soul: the only

condition being

the island now

you do run to and

maybe do become.

For the re-

education, conducted

without consultation 

of individual being –

taught the lesson he

ought, not the lesson he

sought – is education 

which may just sometimes

escape the margins and

limits that brother

and lover did specify so



sometimes too damn

clever you are did:

sometimes too damn

clever have you hid.

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