Being clear

Being clear has never

been easy, because when

I have chosen to

say all I am, you have 

chosen to can in place 

of terrible containment

the am that I’ve been

all my rife.

And so my life has been

one of many steps

untaken, and that I guess 

is exactly how you


And writ in the stars

of painless hollowed

claims, again and

again you’ve

contained my broad

mind in the rind of the

smiling mouths you

falsely have cheesed,

as easy as wedding 

photograph, paid, 

snapped and wrapped.

And if I’ve remained 

true to the memory of

you, it’s because I am 

much better man 

than ever you knew.

And if you have lost me,

it truly is you

who has chosen the

losing over me.

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