D[riven by you]

You can argue

and you may debate

and you could rate

and you might promise

all the dates and

desires and foolish

joys you want …



… and

[s]wish and

[t]rash, and

[b]rake, and

make and


and even fake

as you have, but

those people I loved

and trusted so near

and so easy

and so coolly

and so fully

and so sincere,

who promised so little

and delivered much less,

wrested any right

to respectful

silence,* by their

fearful and cryptic

distancing from

my essence and

my good and

my should and

my effervescent would.


* So though I stay quite

calm from

now on in, and

though no kind of

harm will ever


you lost my

admiration full

this summer,

even as you

had my most


soul within your



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