Here and there

and wear and then,

and sent and song

and gong well

struck, and yuck

and yak and tackety 

whack, and taking

stock is 

the question 

to be considered: 

for if I am

right, it simply 

ain’t enough: there 

are too many parties

thrown in the 

corners and on the

streets of unwised 

tries and 


versions, and so

it’s time I guess

I finally let go of all that

stuff: but if it’s 

time I let go of the

stuff that was

done and no one

will confirm who

never played a part,

apart from

me when aparted

from you,

then every soul

from every whole

who could’ve played

their role

in truth 

will find themselves

painted – tragic – 

with the

brush of 

real heart-



And that is the sadness-


where clarity can

not exist, I must

resist your

friendship, for

friendship true

is based – entire –

on unchallengeable


So if you still do

want me to

work with you, 

you’ll really have to

start pointing fingers

at those who did

love me as I wanted



those who did

want me as they

needed when.

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