when y no longer assails

nor wails nor

bails out your boat of journeyman and

verying and mightying and moseying

and crossing and

angering and writing

and wronging, it’s a time and a

half and a quartering and

drawing of curtained windows

and souls that used to be so open to each

other, and her and him and jimmy-

jamming and running and

jumping heavily

and then

lightly undone: and it was all so much

fun, and it was all so much

good, and it was all so many things I could

book and reserve

and preserve and pretend

i ain’t fazed, but phasing and staging

was all it did do, and more it did do,

and more was i shocked by

your electricity.



and now i have unplugged

the connection between us –

mainly because it was imagined, i guess is

the reason: and yet even when imagined

the thought was quite nice.

not just quite nice: but

nice as nice

ever is right.


maybe for you, not nice at all; but

truly it was my saving and grace under

unreal pressure, and it made me the man

i have now decided to be.


so if that was your intention, then

intent has been got, and you have

managed to get rightly shot of my lot:

and the good for your family and friends you

have achieved

is grander than grand,

as no woman now will

suffer again the man and his evil

i am.


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