The aftermath of a conver[sa]tion

And yous were right 

and I were wrong 

and this I have to admit,

and go along


in all its gritty-notty time, in

all the 


idjut been: all this time 

I wasted yous and yours and ours

and theirs and

more; and so 

this idjut eats 

his humble 

salad fruit today in shadow 

of massive mad, born of

excess hubris.

And I were wrong and yous

were right and this

is all I see and 


as life

now unfolds me from day to

night and from love to sex,

as it

has begun to 


do me.

You have, together, finally

conversed me and

converted me and

altered this state 

of mind I was, but 

– clear – no longer am nor 

can be:

and so you have altered 

my state 


such an ex-

tent I am now con-

tent with all your grand-


loquacious design on everything.

So let us begin – with precision and


mission – the grand 


venture of 

our lives [to-


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