What everyone wants

I don’t know

what everyone needs but I do

know what 

everyone wants:

we want to be loved and caressed 

and embraced and held

and touched in all senses and


and smells that

ardour our beings, and 

treasure our seeings, and 

value the moments 


life makes things happen:

and however and whatever 

and whoever and when,

there is nothing I want more 

than to be held and touched 

by yous: the one or two or ten or

eleven; the several or various or

multiple then; the kindness

and anger and occasional 

sad; the good and the better, and

one day the death.

But before all that dark does

come final my way, please 

let me in some way

recover the love I once had

of this life in all its wondrous

sites, and sights and lights and

rights and wrongs; and 

when the time runs out 

for all of us

here, please allow me to 

believe the ball we have had, and

done and said, and murmured

and whispered, and 

managed to keep like

keepsake of old; like

keepsake I still hold 

of your heart and your 

soul …

… I believe it was good!

And how good 

it did 

become [us].

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