Rite [nite]

I saw a couple hug and kiss

and this did make me smile 

in kinda bliss, though

bliss kinda indicates 

time and a half,

and this was a very short moment

for that.

And I raise my cap and I doff my hat,

even as neither do I wear

on pain of certain existential death,

to the couple who dare to

believe in the good 

over the bad we sense when

whiskers of distant

danger serve to bewilder and blind us

to the good we can yet manage to be

if choosing ain’t 

losing the rare essence of truth.

And so I hat my cap 

and raise my doff, to hazy

summer evenings of

warm and love-

filled times which even cloud 

my despair with 

pairings of remembered joy.

And like captains astride 

ships of nights encountering,

where ahoy is the word

that defines the moment, and

lifts us up 

out of darkened cells of greying

lives that think

quite short, and then – pensive –

tool sex outside the reach 

of needy soul and thirsting 


And so my praise 

and appreciation 

and action 

and comprehension will

serve to embrace 

that couple in the night 

as their embraces and hugs 

do right my sad imbalance

and make



still if love will be mine.

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