The formula you offered me

during summer of mal

content (when 

madly believing 

love was on

table and bed and head, 

and everything betwixt)

was certainly disagreeable in the 

extreme: and whilst without

your interventions I would

not have achieved what

I now do clearly enjoy, 

the cost over-

all – as our crosses 


longer path a-

gain – is clear to me, and


You demanded that I give 

up my art in exchange 

for the material happiness

you would uncertainly 

but – promise, mate!!! – one day 

(or maybe or not, or who 

gives a toss the games you 

end up playing

with me) pre-

tend, pro-

vide, pro-


a, and more:

and much more than that, a 

hole in several to

be extra-loved and extra-


and said and

stuffed rightly and roundly.

And so that was the compact:

I give up my identity

and in exchange you 

give me some


What an idiot I 



during all those days.

F1: when that is the game,

believe me:

it ain’t!

4 thoughts on “F1

    1. 🙂 It was a big business person who insisted quite overtly. Am still attempting to disentangle why they are their organisation should find me so interesting. Maybe one day soon we’ll all find out?! Btw, many thx for your kind words, interest and encouragement. Truly appreciated.

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