Bribery is all you ever offered me, now ain’t it?

You blagged and bribed your way

into my cells of grey consideration, 

and ever so silvered

streaks, so that in my foolish desire

to recover some semblance of love, and that,

you tried to trick me with people of

totally inappropriate thought;

and so you were never looking to right my life

but, instead, savagely wrong my

hard-won equilibrium: not that was it ever a real life

at all, but neither disaster striking

hull; and so now I see with such a great 

clarity that never,

in truth, was I meant to enjoy

a grander future of better times at all.

And instead, it was just a game

of seek, and hide the reality that hate does

rule the insides of your minds. 

And equally in truth I now do see why:

for the things I would

rescue from this world of 

dark rain are never the stuff you’d care

to treasure, or even attempt to comprehend.

Apprehend maybe; maybe that’s your goal always; but

at least I now know where you always did stand.

And I can finally, proudly, just be 

those curious

grey cells, in knowing the ultimate

sad hand-wrung 

reality which ever informed yous and your


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