Owner[ship] (your [#bad])

Like a ship which neighbours us

but not quite 

I shall never now

ever take the first step 

because this I once did –

and life, #bad that you are,

you rebuffed me fine and

long and cruelly and

longingly in the way

a cat longs for a


And that

trap is no longer the

rap I will fall

for – nor assume in

any place

or wayside you might belie



And so your #biggestbad is

simply this:

to believe you are 

well within

your rights to do

whatever you judge

correct in that time,

on the basis of the

evidence you


to hand

out – like a seed, wastefully

ploughed and planted and

watered to no

end in sight we might size.

And even as you

triumph in the courting 

of laws, your ownership – so

lacking in its ambivalent [b]latency –

does indeed damage fundamentally

your credible


to the point where 

gritty is absolutely 

no virtue, 

at all:

(and if anything it





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