Laboratory, r[at] tat!

For as long as I can remember 

I’ve been a laboratory rat in the mazes

And labyrinths of public space:

And in these watched-upon and voyeured 

Gazes of the blazed where fire

Does fire 

The hurtful proclamations 

Of unreasonable man and woman,

Of the jealousies and envious 

Audit trails 

That serve to weaken thrice resolves,

Let – as just such a rat – the

Story unwind and unspool and 

Unspoil the landscape of lies and

Half-balked (in both


creations that descend

Upon the sponged of 

Rabid attention: and every move of the rats

We are is rogued and registered

And made of one in places where

Knowledge no longer is


Yes.  These shameless places where 

Privacy for the powerless 

Affords no 

Room to fake at all, whilst 

The rights of its cousin,

Publicy for the powerful, clearly


Every keen chance to doze the

Remnants of gross citizenship that

Ever may 


Have existed.

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